Inflation and the federal reserve’s actions to rein it in have combined to make 2022 one of the worst years investors have faced since 2008.  Unfortunately, 2023 could be equally challenging as discussions of a full blown recession continue to gain momentum.  Do you have a plan to handle this as you approach retirement?
At Montini & Co, we have two approaches we take to mitigate stock market losses without relinquishing upside potential in the event that market conditions improve.  

Managed Portfolio

As the name implies, these accounts are tactfully managed accounts.  Tactfully means action in that a portfolio manager is watching your money and adjusting the holdings you are invested in based on the economic cycle we’re in.  Someone is watching your money rather than taking a buy and hold approach and accepting the status quo.  
A benefit of working with our licensed fiduciary at Montini & Co Tax Advisory Group is that we often utilize multiple portfolio managers to your accounts, which adds an additional layer of diversification to the portfolio to generate a more stable and consistent return.


A positive byproduct of a dramatic rise in interest rates is that annuity rates are stronger than they’ve been in years.  More importantly, fixed index annuities have no risk of stock market losses.  That means, should market conditions continue to deteriorate you will make zero and not lose, but if the market stabilizes you have the potential to make up some of the losses you previously endured.  Not all annuities are created equally so I encourage you to watch my 14 minute webinar specifically about annuities.  Click the image below or click here to view.

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