Common Retirement Questions

Answers to commonly asked retirement questions

George & Margie

George and Margie are some of my first clients.  The biggest concern in their retirement is how to pay for their additional health care costs as Margie was recently diagnosed with early onset dementia.  The question focused on what investment vehicle would be best to help pay for these costs.

Matt & Zoe

Matt and Zoe met with Marc Montini prior to their retirement.  They had a very good question about using retirement assets to pay off a mortgage. Click to hear more about their retirement concerns.

Jimmy & Michelle

Jimmy and Michelle have been with me for over five years and are finally getting ready to retire.  Their question is about the income plan I’ve assembled for them, how it is implemented and how taxes are covered.


Connie has accumulated a fair amount of wealth in her life.  She had very good questions regarding Medicare part B, the addition of rental properties and if there is value in using multiple financial advisors.

Tom & Jill

Tom and Jill are certainly enjoying their retirement.  In addition to putting together an income plan, we also put together a significant retirement tax plan which includes Roth converstions for its future tax-free benefits.  They asked a very good question regarding their social security benefits. Lastly, they asked about risk in retirement

We can SHOW you how to use a Roth IRA, along with other retirement vehicles, to maximize your retirement plans. Achieving a tax-free retirement is possible, it just take a little time and a lot of planning.

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