We Offer Master-level 401K Planning

The stock market correction was in 2008, when congress changed the tax laws to allow people over 59 1/2  to roll their 401(k)s to a self-directed IRA with no adverse tax implications, this included a 401(k) with a current employer. Given the many changes due to this update, many people are asking for specific information pertaining to 401(k) rollovers. We’re here to provide you REAL answers.

Discover if a 401(k) rollover right for you! 
Speak to our team of Financial Advisors, Retirement Planners, experienced Accountants and Licensed Fiduciaries to guide you to the investment options that fit your lifestyle needs and the goals of your future. ​Our team of experts are reliable resources for you, and allow you to make informed decisions when it comes to your 401(k), IRA, Retirement, and other financial investments. Contact Montini & Co Tax Advisory Group today. 

Here are a few main reasons you may want to consider rolling over your 401(k):

  • There  are No Adverse Implications to your existing contributions or matching.  Once you rollover the balance of your 401(k), you can continue to make contributions and receive matching from your employer.
  • You can Lock in Gains and Reduce Risk.  Since March of 2008, the S&P 500 is up over 200%.  Lock in those gains and find an investment vehicle that may better match your risk tolerances.
  • Potenially Reduce Fees.  The Department of Labor released a scathing report regarding the numerous fees within a 401(k) that will slow your rate of growth.  Read the report here.
  • Discover More Investment Options.  Most plans only offer mutual funds(with fees) as investment options.  A self-directed IRA can offer many more options that could reduce fees and better suit you goals.
  • Our Fiduciary Can Guide You.  Few 401(k) plans offer any investment advise.  A licensed fiduciary is legally obligated to work in your best interest, and can guide you to the investment options that best meet your needs.
  • Take Time to Think about Retirement.  Why are you still working?  Isn’t it time to retire?  A retirement plan can allow you to work on your terms with the confidence you can retire when you want.
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