I recently met with a client who is just starting to think about his eventual retirement…

He is 60 years old and thinks 66 would be a good age for retirement.  What struck me during our conversation was the level of fear he expressed.  He fears that he may not have saved enough to be able to retire in that time-frame. He fears that his wife will suffer a financial hardship if something happens to him.  He fears that the stock market could collapse like it did in 2008 and he will be forced to work for the rest of his life.  He fears that his job status could change and he will be forced into an early retirement.  These fears caused him to just ignore the planning he knew he should be doing.

I understand how crippling those fears can be. Many of the people who attend my social security class express the exact same fears.  Click here to enroll in my next class

Fortunately, we had a very productive appointment, addressing each of his fears individually.  Here’s the process we went through:

  • We used my expense organizer to get a more complete idea of the income needs he will have in retirement.
  • I assembled an income plan so he could see for himself exactly how we will convert his assets into retirement income.
  • We developed a social security maximization plan to ensure he and his wife would get the most from their benefits.
  • We reallocated his assets from his existing aggressive plan into something more conservative that can better withstand a massive correction in the stock market.
  • We developed a corresponding tax plan to systematically begin converting his IRA into a Roth IRA.
  • Our plan even took into consideration the loss of income that comes from the eventual loss of a spouse.
  • Finally, I got him in contact with a law firm who offers a discounted rate to my clients for a complete will and trust package.

We were able to empower this client to retire on his terms at age 66, or whatever age he chooses.  After taking the time to address all of these things, he no longer is afraid and is prepared for his eventual retirement.

We are here to help you too.  Every day my staff and I help people just like you address their fears and and build the plans they need.

Don’t let your fears stop you from doing the planning you know you should be doing.  Schedule your first appointment and let us develop the plan you need to retire on your terms.

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Written by Marc Montini, IAR, and Managing Partner of Montini & Co Tax Advisory Group.

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