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Marc and Samantha Montini 


If you’re like a lot of the prospective clients we’ve met, your financial affairs are a bit of a mess right now. You’ve got some investment accounts here, some there, and then there’s your 401(k) at work. And your spouse’s 401(k) from the old job. And there’s no cohesive plan to make them work together. From insurance, estate plan, retirement plan, education funding, mortgage, etc. that are handled by you or various professionals, they might not necessarily fit together or get the attention that they should.

We want to change this. Marc and Samantha’s number one mission is to work with the entire Montini & Co Tax Advisory team to provide exceptional financial planning advice and client satisfaction. “The advisors that I’ve really admired were the tax guys, because if you’re really going to maximize somebody’s retirement, the only way you’re going to do it is through tax reduction or elimination,” Marc says.

Marc established Montini & Co Tax Advisory in 2015 after a lengthy 29-year career in financial services. After working at the same financial company for about 20 of those years, He decided to focus on retirement planning and tax reduction for his area of expertise because he wanted to help his clients to truly maximize their retirement plan.


Marc Montini - Licensed Fiduciary

As a licensed fiduciary, Marc makes recommendations to his clients that are in their best interest. A fiduciary is an advisor that works in your best interests. At Montini & Co tax Advisory Group, we work exclusively for you–not a bank, Wall Street, or an insurance company, so it’s easy to put your interests first.

“What I put my real time and energy into is helping people get to retirement and build out long-term sustainable income plans,” Marc explained. “I found is that for a lot of people, retirement can be absolutely frightening, because they just don’t know how to retire. And I found that when I build that plan, and they can see it, they can put it on their nightstand next to their bed. And that helps alleviate a lot of those fears when they wake up in the middle of the night.”

Samantha Montini - Office Manager

While Marc helps their clients retire, Samantha manages everything behind the scenes as the office manager, and it’s no small task “I pretty much do a little bit of everything,” Samantha said. “I order office supplies, I pay bills, and then I also complete and process all the applications for financial planning clients.” With the goal being to make communication easy for the clients we work with, I’m happy to schedule appointments over zoom, in person, over the phone, or at your residence. Contact me to schedule your appointment. I’m also happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about processes in our office.

This is Donna

When you walk into the Montini&Co office, you can expect to always see a warm and welcoming face, with a familiar voice as Donna often is managing the phones to confirm and remind you of appointments. This is a very important role at our retirement and tax advisory firm and we celebrate Donna, the nicest lady ever.

donna at montini
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