Mitigate Stock Market Risk

Tactical Management to Mitigate Risk 

Dive into Risk Mitigation with Marc Montini

Have heard of sequence of returns risk?  Do you understand the relationship between stock market losses and time?  In this webinar, we explore these risks but more important, we discuss the strategies we use to ensure the sustainability of your retirement income plan.  As a financial planner and licensed fiduciary, Marc Montini and Montini and Company Tax Advisory, take it to heart that running out of money in retirement is not an option.  We always have an eye on safety first and utilize tactical money management as well as annuities which guarantee against stock market losses.  This combination can give you the safety you need while still providing upside potential for a reasonable rate of return.

Retirement’s not easy but with our help we can get you there.  In this short webinar Montini and Company Tax Advisory Group will help educate you on all the planning tools we use to help people achieve the retirement they have dreamed about.

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