Consolidating Assets Webinar

Consolidating Your Assets

Understand The Importance of Consolidating Your Assets

Consolidating multiple retirement assets into one organized position can offer many benefits.  Watch this short video to see how consolidating your assets can actually improve your diversification, reduce the fees you’re paying and streamline wealth transfer for your spouse and children.

An import job of a financial planner is to consolidate multiple retirement accounts into on easy to understand position.  Often, most of these different accounts are from multiple 401(k)s from different employers over time.

Montini and Company Tax Advisor Group recognizes the importance of this exercise.  Using our proprietary retirement income planning system is the start of our consolidation process.  One of the benefits of consolidating assets is making it easier to generate retirement income.  Meeting with new clients we often hear them ask, “Where is my retirement income going to come from?”  Seeing that income on our retirement income planning system will alleviate many fears as people approach their inevitable retirement.

After creating the income plan, we move to our next proprietary document we call our Consolidation of Assets document.  On this document we clearly list what you have, where it should go and why.  We also finish the document with what the total fee will be.  Working with a fiduciary often means more transparency regarding any fees that could be charged.

We hope this video is helpful! Montini and Company Tax Advisory Group can help you consolidate your assets and navigate the complex tax challenges that could arise.

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