retirement in this stock market reviewed by marc montini

Did you see what happened to the stock market this week?  Was it up or was it down?

More importantly, what effect did it have on your retirement savings?

If you are like most people planning for a retirement of some sort, you probably do not know because you don’t care to watch. Sometimes it can be a little scary.  This is very common, but why?  It’s your money and your future!  If you’re not willing to watch it and ensure it’s available when you need it, then make sure a licensed professional is watching for you.

Fear is the main motivator for a person’s lack of involvement with their portfolio.  Fear of not saving enough, fear of losing what you have, fear of just not knowing what you’re doing.What if your haven’t saved enough?  Wouldn’t it be best to know that now so you can get back on track?

Understand the pay-off

Lack of knowledge of the financial markets is to be expected.  I don’t know how to drive a semi-truck, insert a picc line, or develop a classroom curriculum, but I have trust and faith in professionals in those industries that do.

Partner with a licensed fiduciary who is legally bound to work in your best interest. It will provide you the peace of mind that someone is proactively ensuring you’re invested in the assets that are poised to do well during the current economic cycle. A licensed fiduciary doesn’t charge a commission or have an agenda.  A fiduciary will work with you to develop the game plan you need to prepare yourself for your eventual retirement. Click here to meet with a fiduciary!

It’s not uncommon for a prospective client to tell me they never plan to retire.  That’s what I admire about working with baby-boomers; their unrelenting work ethic.  Unfortunately, life is never as consistent as we would like.  Job positions change or are downsized.  An unexpected health issue could arise for you or a loved one.  You can chose to continue to work, but with a customized retirement income plan in place. That’s when you’ll now assume control and can choose to work on your terms.

Retirement income guidance

As a tax advisory firm, we specialize in building retirement income plans in the most tax efficient manner possible.  Image living a tax-free retirement!  It is possible, but it takes time to position your assets in a way so that you pay NO tax in the future.  Additionally, you could be currently paying unnecessary taxes from capital gains and dividend income simply because no one is watching your portfolio.  By combining the benefits of a tax advisory firm with a licensed fiduciary, we bring those two worlds together under one roof.  Our Tax Director is intimately involved in the planning process.  Remember tax and retirement planning go hand in hand.  You can’t do one without the other.

Don’t put this off another day, month, or year.  You don’t need to be watching your portfolio, but you need to have confidence that an experienced, licensed professional is watching for you.  We welcome you to schedule a no cost consultation to meet with both our licensed fiduciary as well as our tax director. Click here to schedule a consultation. or call (480) 428-8005.

Do you know someone who could use our retirement planning guidance? Please share our information!

Let’s face it, retirement is a lot more fun when you can do it with friends.  You may be reading this as an existing client with Montini & Co, or you may only know us for the classes we teach and the low cost tax returns we offer.  Regardless, if you are losing sleep, it’s possible your friends are too.  Let us help put you and your friends at ease.

Finally, real wealth is not necessarily made in the upswings in the markets. Real wealth is made in not taking a tremendous loss once the markets move from correction to recession.

Written by Marc Montini, IAR, and Managing Partner of Montini & Co Tax Advisory Group.

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