Social Security Maximization Class

Social Security and Retirement Go Hand-in-Hand.

* Invitation Only Educational Webinar *

social security benefits

Before you file for Social Security benefits, attend class! To summarize, in this 60-minute class you’ll learn the best strategies to maximize Social Security benefits. Not only that, but you’ll also get confidence that you will be filing correctly. We provide resources and explanations for various Social Security situations.​

Social Security Class Teaches You How To:

  • Know if you should file at 62, 66, or 70
  • Determine your FRA and increase monthly benefits by 8%
  • Seek to maximize benefits for divorced spouses, widows, and widowers
  • Understand implications of collecting benefits while working
  • Properly claim spousal payments to increase your benefit
  • Build delayed retirement credits and other special claiming techniques
  • Different filing options that could further increase your benefits
  • Prepare a Social Security filing strategy for your retirement plans
Learn the newest strategies for maximizing your Social Security benefits.
You’ve contributed to Social Security your entire professional career. So make educated decisions to ensure you receive the most out of your Social Security benefits. ​


Having said that, don’t leave your money behind by not educating yourself! In addition to that, all attendees qualify to receive a personalized Social Security Maximization Report. With that being said, all class sizes are limited. ​​Nonetheless, you may invite friends or family to attend, with the understanding that they must register in advance as well.

Obligation-free Educational Classes

*Please note that nothing will be sold at this class. All information is educational only. Montini &Co Tax Advisory Group is not affiliated with the SS Administration or any other government agency. In conclusion, this is a class for purely educational purposes. Our team is available to consult with you one-on-one should you like to ask specific questions to our expert in private. Furthermore, we want to be your resource concerning SS Income.